Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As we prepare for our second Lifesong/Both Hands project April 9, I wanted to share some of the things the Lord has done!

We are in awe!

There has been $3,771 contributed to our Lifesong account to help raise the ransom to bring our Treasures home. We know some of the funds will come in after the project, and there's room for the Lord to show up big time! In doing the math today, we still need around $19,000. That's a mountain for us ~ but it's not even a small hill for the Lord!

Just yesterday we received a $200 check in the mail from a family we don't even know. The Lord has touched their hearts for two children who need to come home! Today we learned a young couple we know sent $1,000 to our Lifesong account to bring our girls home...rather than take their vacation to Hawaii. Seriously! It makes me wonder ~ would I do the same? Would I give up something beautiful for something else beautiful?

There is testimony after testimony of hearts bent to treasures stored up in heaven, and we are so touched by folks around the world helping us run this race to our girls! It humbles us and brings us to tears most days. To Him be the glory!

And the Lord has provided in other ways too. My sister-in-law will be traveling to China with us! We've been praying about how we'd manage this trip since Mr. Greenthumb will be tending the sweet corn crop for the July harvest. Once again, the Lord has provided!

Stay tuned for our April 9th project! We are currently ordering siding, formica, kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets...and of course sharpening those well-used chainsaws :) So far all the electrical supplies and paint have been donated. And it'll be worth the day's work just for the two meals being provided by a family in our church! They are preparing pulled pork for lunch and burgers for dinner, with all the fixins'! The Lord is good!


Rachel.H. said...

Our God is amazing!

Jodi said...

Yahoo!!! Wow! Not sure I would give up a trip to Hawaii if the $ wasn't for my child - sure made me think and pray! Thanks for sharing!!!

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