Friday, March 11, 2011

One Tee-ny Request ~ UPDATE!

I just wanna say "Thank You" to everyone who has ordered a tee from Wild Olive in support of our fundraiser! These two are my favs ~

Here's the deal~ the gals at WOT have been so good to extend our fundraiser to help meet our goal of selling 50 shirts!

You ask, "Why 50?"

Thanks for asking! Because when we sell 50 shirts, we jump from receiving $7.99 per tee to $10 per tee! And if my math is right, that's $500 in the ransom to bring Kasidi and Kennah home!

Here's the cool thing: We are only 13 shirts away!!! 13! So here's my tee-ny request ~ would you please consider ordering a beautiful tee to help bring our Treasures home?

Just click on THIS LINK. While Wild Olive has many beautiful tees, only four are eligible for the adoption fundraiser so thank you for choosing one of them. Please use our family code JOHNSON1119 when checking out.
May the Lord bless you!
Ya'll are awesome! Since posting this yesterday, you've bought 8 more tees! That means we are only 5 tees away from 50!!!! I know this can be done. Because ya'll are awesome!


Amy said...

Ordered one! Thanks for the reminder!! I've been wanting to for a while and just don't sit still long enough to get the job done! :) Now...hurry those babies home!!

Pam said...

I ordered mine! :)

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