Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh, The Cookie!

I had some time today, and our first Both Hands project is next Saturday! So I thought I'd make some cookies to bribe encourage the team next week.
Just don't tell my kids or they may never make it to the freezer!

I seriously can't believe we will spend next Saturday in the company of so many people who love the Lord, doing some things for a beautiful woman who loves the Lord! Our local grocer has donated most of the food we need for the meal so this week we are seeking a few donors for some construction items and the rest of the food.
It's gonna be awesome!


Tina Michelle said...

Yum, all those cookies look good and those sneaky hands look so cute! Hope the day goes as planned.

Andrea said...

Im so jealous of anyone who can bake like that. The hand picture is hilarious!
Got my fingerprint appts today.. woohoo!

Lori said...

That last pic cracks me up. So cute!

And those cookie...yumm-o!

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