Monday, February 18, 2013

We Have a Winner, and...

Saying THANK YOU is not enough!
It doesn't even begin to touch the gratitude we feel for God's faithfulness and your generosity!
We are so very grateful!
Thank you for praying; thank you for sharing; and thank you for giving!

But it doesn't end there...

Last night just before 10 pm we drew the winner of the Canon T3i Rebel.  I was so giddy excited I could hardly wait!

We drew Ashley Buffa, who donated at 4:17 pm on February 13!
Then I sent her this email:

Ashley, we just drew for the Canon and you won!!!!!
Please confirm your shipping address, and I will order from Amazon tomorrow and ship it directly to you.
Thank you for blessing us, and may God bless you!!!

I always notify the winner before I announce it on the blog.  You know, let them celebrate privately for a moment before I shout it out :)
This morning I received this email from Ashley:

Hey Connie,

I'd prefer that ya'll just keep the money for your adoption fund. I'd rather see you fully funded than have a camera!

God bless!

This is exactly how God has been showing Himself this past week.  It's not because we deserve it.  It's not because we expect it.  It's just because HE'S THAT GOOD!!!

Thank you, Ashley!  
We pray that each and every one who prayed, shared and gave is blessed beyond belief!


Howard and Kim said...

and I have to wonder how many were planning to give that camera right back. I think you might be blown away again.... So thankful I have friends who listen when the Lord whispers.

lizzielou said...

Rejoicing with you! God is so good! Wohoo!

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