Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Consulate Appointment!!!

Today I have spent the entire day looking at flight itineraries...and we are booked!

We are flying out on March 7 and returning March 21, but the really good news is that we meet Khloie Nicole on March 10th!!!!
*more later ~ I need to pay attention to my neglected family :)*

God, You are so very good!!!

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Julie said...

HI! I tried to post yesterday but my computer acted up and I don't think it went through. Sorry if this is a double post. Just wanted to say we have nearly the same itinerary! We leave March 6, return March 22, have Gotcha day on the 11th, and CA on the 19th! After a short visit to Beijing - this is our first time in China so we are doing a couple of days there - we will pick up our daughter in Hubei prov, then will stay at the Garden in Guangzhou. Who knows - maybe we will meet up. I am Julie from VA - (blog-www.untilweseehim.blogspot.com). Best of luck with your latest fundraiser. We are still counting change from our last fundraiser - piggy banks that went out all around town to friends! Such an easy - and so far, profitable fundraiser! Blessings -

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