Friday, February 8, 2013

Retail Therapy, Nesting and Randomness

Wednesday night I started nesting.  It took me a second to recognize it.  But having drug myself off the couch to actually prepare a meal and then having the urge to clean the oven and the fridge, I realized this was not an ordinary burst of energy; this was nesting!

Yesterday I felt well enough to finally venture on a desperately needed grocery shopping trip.  After all, hubby has been handing me a legal pad for over a week, asking me to make a list, and I kept pushing it away.  We'd finally eaten all the quick foods I keep around for game days, and it was time to do some real meal planning.

So, for the first time in ten days I did my hair, applied makeup...and then had to rest :(
But eventually three kids and I made the trek to W*lMart.

The icing on the cake was finding some girlie winter items on sale!  Just the kind of therapy this mama's morale needed!

Now Khloie has a darling little jacket, bunny hat, 4 pairs of jammies, hair bows and accessories.

And we did buy groceries.  We also picked up another bunk bed waiting for us so now I can show you the girls' very crowded but darling room!

Today I only sound like I have a cold!  No fever; no headache; no body aches; no twisted taste buds; no heavy chest; no coughing fits that take my breath away.  
After 11 days, I declare I am well, thank You, Jesus!

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