Monday, February 25, 2013

Can You Help? (iPad Mini Tonight!)

We love our adoption agency!
We have chosen them to help bring home 6 of our children!
We are expecting our final invoice today, and then we are to wire those fees to China.
We are the lucky winners of a slightly-higher-than-estimated cost list :)
This morning Karla called to share this with us, and let us know that she made sure it was correct.  We still have 10 days before travel!

Soooo... if you've been wanting an Apple iPad Mini, we've got it!
We will draw for it tonight!
*$25 gets 1 shot
*$50 gets 3 shots
*Blog or FB post gets an additional shot
Please email me if you have problems with Chip-In, if you've posted or for more information.

Have a blessed day!!!!


The Kings said...

Shared on Facebook. Praying you are soon fully funded!

Serving the King said...

See you in China!!!!! My friend just got her TA yesterday, I'll be there on the 16th! Woooo-Hoooo!!! Can't wait to meet you in 3-D!

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