Saturday, February 9, 2013

TA, Baby!!!!

I knew it.
I just knew it!
I started nesting on Wednesday.
On Thursday I was feeling almost human again.
On Friday I spent the day hitting 'refresh' on my computer, waiting for an email from our agency.
At 5 pm I gave up and headed to Kenzie's basketball game.
CC*WA is closed for the next week to celebrate Ch*nese New Year so I'd resolved that we would not hear anything now.
And then, 20 minutes from the game I got the message:
"I've got your

Oh my goodness!!!
Since the consulate is closed on the Ch*na side until Thursday, we won't have a confirmed consulate appointment until at least then.  It may even be as late as Tuesday the 19th when we hear.

But here's what we know: we will likely need to be in Khloie's province on or before March 1!!!!  Our consulate appointment will likely be the week of March 12, which puts us back home in time for spring break ~ some down time for Khloie to settle in with all her siblings.

We also know that we serve a big God!  We were amazed when we received our LOA in only 22 days.  And we were astonished when we received our TA in only 5 days.  It's likely we are leaving in only 20 days.  Which means God is going to provide the additional $14,000 we need IN THE NEXT 20 DAYS!!!!!!!  He has orchestrated Khloie's homecoming in a time line we couldn't have imagined!

My heart is full!!!


Shauna said...

Woo Hoo!! Yippee!! How exciting! I can't wait to continue to see God work in the next 20 days!

likeschocolate said...


lizzielou said...

WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praying now! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Jolene said...

Congrats! I'm still amazed at the differences in timelines for China* adoptions! Our TA took 6 weeks to come! Talk about insanity!

Hope Rising Farm said...

Rejoicing with your family!

Julie said...

Congratulations!! We got our TA on Thurs and our CA on Fri (March 19). We asked for a week later trip than we could have done to coordinate with our college son's Spring Break). We hope to travel March 6 - who knows we might be there at the same time! Are you going to be at The Garden Hotel? Hope your date gets assigned as quickly as possible!

Justine said...

Congratulations!!! And glad you are feeling better! I received the squeaky boots and my sweet girl LOVES them and they are adorable on her!

Glenna said...

God Bless Your Family!

Glenna said...

You have a lovely family and I can't wait to hear more about Khloie Nicole.

I know God confirms our actions to us in a way we can comprehend.

However unusual this may seem, on 01/24/12 I learned about Khloie Nicole and the rest of your family while I was at work. This touched my heart and I did not act immediately, but my mind continued to be occupied with the very thought of a way I could help. On 02/11/13 another opportunity arose and I knew it was my opportunity to step out and listen to God's prompting. Anyway, I listened and learned. On 02/12/13 I received a picture of her and visited your blog to see the rest of the family. I learned she may be picked up on March 11 and that is my birthday and her middle name is Nicole which is my youngest daughters and her daughters middle name. This made me feel connected in a way to Khloie. I am excited for you, Khloie and you growing family.

Prayers Forever Khloie,


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