Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh, One More Thing...

We have an unofficial travel update!  
And an extension to the Wild Olive Tees fundraiser!

First things first ~ Khloie!
Due to Lifeline staff taking a medical missions trip to China the first week of March, it is in the best interest of our travel group to wait till the second week.
Yes, I want to hold Khloie on March 4th!  And yes, I have faith that God will provide all we need, no matter when we travel!
But...since we will probably not know our confirmed consulate appointment until next Tuesday, (which means booking tickets 10 days before flights, which means higher prices)...we are okay with waiting one more week, having our Gotcha Day on March 11th!

In light of this, our Wild Olive Tee fundraiser has been extended 2 more weeks!  If you've been waiting to get your fabulous tee, now is the perfect time!!!  Among the adoption fundraiser tees are women's, children's and even a men's tee to choose from!  Just go HERE, select your tee(s) and when you check out, please use our family code: JOHNSON704.

To Him be the glory!!!!

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