Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wild Olive + You = Joy!

Have I mentioned how much I love these tees?!?
We are blessed to partner with Wild Olive Tees in our next fundraising venture!
It's a win/win situation. You get awesome tees, and we raise dollars to bring our Joy home.
We are praying to sell over 100 tees in the next 4 weeks. The fundraiser starts tomorrow, November 19, and runs through December 17.

I LOVE THESE TEES! And you will too!
This button will take you directly to the Wild Olive Tee Fundraising page. There are currently 2 tees to choose from ~Love Others and Hope, both are beautiful and both will help us bring Kasidi home!
When you make your purchase, during the checkout phase, please use our family code JOHNSON1119 in order for WOT to track the funds to our family fundraiser. This code does not give a discount on the purchase; it merely ties the purchase to our fundraiser. You may also mention the code or our family name in the 'comments' section when you check out as well.

Wild Olive Adoption Fundraiser Tees
Family Code ~ JOHNSON1119


Jodi said...

ordered my tee -thanks!!! :) I will also mail you some checks that I got for kandle sales!!

Jennifer said...

I'm a lurker on your blog and just wanted to say thanks for getting me addicted to these shirts! I got a bunch of them last month after admiring the ones I saw you wearing on the unlocked blog of your trip to bring home Kinley and Kooper. These shirts are so comfortable, they fit so well (even after repeated washings), they look great, and I just love wearing the word - I make sure I know the verses by heart before putting them on! I got one from your fundraiser and grabbed another (James 1:2-3) that was on sale. Thanks again and good luck - I am praying for your family and I know that God will provide and that He will keep Kasidi safe until she is in your arms!

RJMS said...

Just ordered my shirt! Blessings to you and wishing Kasidi a speedy arrival!

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