Monday, November 22, 2010

Shoe Sale!!!!

It's a sale!
A SHOE Sale (who doesn't love that:)
If you haven't seen our wide selection of "Joy"ful Squeaky Shoes, they are pictured in 3 posts. I've given the quantity and sizes available, as well as the length of the shoes from heel to toe.
Shoes Post #1!

But here's the cool part ~ we are reducing the price!
1 pair ~ $20
2 pair ~ $35
3 pair ~ $50
Please email me with questions or your order.
Gotta move these shoes in time for some exciting news...

1 comment:

Jodi said...

As we are re-arranging our home this week - I am realizing how little I have for our sons arrivals! So I need some shoes!
I would like
the Girls - Black and pink flowers Size 6 and 7
and the Boys -
Black and white stitch
size 6 and 7

This is the coolest fund raiser ever! J and J miss their squeaky shoes from China! (they grew out of them)

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