Monday, November 29, 2010

Hairbows, Squeaky Shoes, Tees ~ It's Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! After the break I realize it's time to do some Christmas shopping.
If you'd like to make a 'purchase with a purpose' I have a few teeny weeny ideas :) God has truly blessed our fundraising efforts, and we thank you for your generosity!
If you're a local friend and would like to order a poinsettia, please let me know before this Friday. Feel free to email me.
At the bottom of this post are the links to our Wild Olive Fundraiser and Squeaky Shoe Fundraiser.
And we have a full lineup of K&Kompany Kandles. Just use the Paypal on the sidebar.
And here's something else, just in time for the holidays! My friend Tina made these adorable critters for us, and the other bows are a product of my creativity - select and purchase - lol!
You can order by using the Paypal button on the sidebar or sending me an email.
Thank you for blessing us!
Bow prices include shipping!
All bows in this category are $4 each.
Brown & Pink Corker
Red & Black Butterfly

Red & Black Ladybug

Black & White Corker SOLD OUT

Pink & Blue Butterfly

Brown & Green Butterfly

Yellow & Black Bumblebee

Grey & White Butterfly (pic doesn't do justice - it's beautiful)

Lavender & White Butterfly

Pink & White Corker

All bows in this category are $3 each.
Large Red

Large Pink & Brown Zebra

Large Pink

Large Navy

Large Deep Purple

Large Black

All bows in this category are $2 each.
Small White

Small Pink & Brown Zebra

Small Pink

Small Navy

Small Lavender

Small Cream

Shoe Sale! All shoe posts are linked in THIS post.

Wild Olive Tee Fundraiser is found HERE!


April said...

I need a sm cream one ~ ours got nasty in the diaper bag when I left it there tooooo long!! :) I will include $ with my shoe purchase

Serving the King said...

Can you sell some dirt or food or baseball gloves or stain remover in one of your fundraisers? That is what I need! LOL I'm loving the girl cuteness going on over here, it's where I come to get my dose of girly preciousness! Continued prayers for your fund raising my friend!

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