Monday, November 8, 2010

25 Hours In A Day...

...did not put me ahead of the game, despite my hope :) But we surely did squeeze every minute out of it!
Sunday, we were invited to Mark and Anita's church to share our adoption testimony. And it was a doubly blessed day because Bryan and Jodi drove up from Texas too! These two families are also in the process of adopting again, and are a huge blessing to us!
Too bad we didn't have any fun ;-)
Gals, I'm still thinking about our Easy button ~ How about the 'shouldn't-be-bloggin'-don't-wanna-do-laundry-can't-think-of-a-menu-leave-me-alone-I'm-adopting' button 'NOT NOW'!
Adorable kids!
On Saturday we celebrated Kolton's 15th birthday! His buddies fit right into the family!
Hope it's worth it!

Happy birthday, Kolton Tee!


Anita said...

I LOVE that pic of three of us Connie!! Too fun!! I'm gonna grab it to keep it too! We are sooo glad you guys and Jodi & Bryan came. A perfect day to highlight Orphan Sunday and our kiddos. Did ya check my blog for Kaeleb and Kaylin?? LOVE the pic too!

And yes....we gotta get that button going...SOON!! :) And Happy Birthday again to Kolton!!
Love ya!

Love ya!

Jean said...

How wonderful to get together with fellow adopting, Jesus loving bloggy buddies!!

Lucky you!

Happy Birthday Kolton! Love the big kids and how much they love the little kids! Your house looks like a lot of fun!!

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