Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kandles Shipped!

All Kandles ordered since October 26th are being shipped today! Thank you for blessing us!
(*assurance for my friend Jean ~ as long as ya'll keep ordering Kandles, I will keep making them!*)


Jean said...

Hi Connie-
I want to order a few kandles for Christmas gifts! Hope your still open for business! (hopin I'm not too late)


Jean said...

Just ordered!! Thank you so much!! I am giving them to my little birthday group for a Christmas gift! There are 7 of us and we get together throughout the year for our birthdays and Christmas- we have done this for 20 years!!! Great thing about this group is I am the youngest!! I'm never the youngest in a group since we've adopted- I just enjoy my statis. Okay one of the ladies is only 3 months younger but still I'm the youngest!!

Thanks Connie!! BTW anybody ever call you Konnie?

Jodi said...

you may notice that I am stopping by your blog often! :) I love the song - so I just have your blog up while doing computer work! :) Tee!Hee!

Kathy said...

So excited can't wait for the candles!
Even though they are Christmas gifts
I will get to enjoy them when I visit
their homes.
Pinching pennies for our newest treasure! :)

Sarah likes the song so much
I bought her the CD for Christmas!
Thanks Connie!

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