Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Interrupt This Life... bring you basketball season! Jr. High and High School hoops is under way, and I wonder if we'll survive :)
In February we'll come up for air.
Since many have asked about the wallets, here's a preview. They are $5 + shipping, which we'll figure out this week.
As for the squeaky shoes, I'm working on a SPECIAL! Do you love a sale like I do? Stay tuned!
Thank you to those who have supported us through our Wild Olive Tee fundraiser! It runs till December 17. Check the sidebar for details!


Jean said...

Have fun with B-ball season! Our son stopped playing last year and is all about soccer now. We loved watching him !

Enjoy and yes it will end in Feb.... unless the do really well and then it will end in March... unless they really like it and want to keep playing... okay I'll stop there!

Blessings to you!!

Can't wait to give my candles to my little birthday club! They will love them!

Erica said...

I am thinking I may need one of these wallets! I may have to come see you over break and pick one up! I am thinking the pink and zebra one...yes that is what I am thinking!! Miss you:)

Leslie said...

I would like to purchase three wallets for christmas gifts. Two for boys and one for my darling kiddo who is eleven and loves zebra print. Is it possible? I love to support adoption while christmas shopping-so neat! contact me at

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