Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So much to tell ~ so little time

There is so much life going on around here and some new things in the works that I don't know where to begin ... so I'll just share some pictures for now.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies. A sweet teaching moment for Kenzie and L.
The dough is always the best!
These aren't bad either
Teddy Graham, Teddy Graham, where are you?
Teamwork! We're seeing more and more of these priceless moments.
How did this happen? And is it negligent for me to grab the camera instead of the kid??? Okay, it was Friday, I had forgotten her high chair at the sitter's so she was eating like a big girl in a chair, until I turned my back and found this ...
I love my big brother ... and his clothes!
A little something for her senior slide show? Oh my!
Afternoon bliss
Kaeleb's Certificate of Citizenship!
Life is good! We are so blessed! Soon we'll be celebrating Kambry's 2nd birthday, the end of school, the beginning of softball and baseball season, burying ourselves in sweet corn and watermelons for sale, menu planning for Kids Falls Creek, organizing youth Falls Creek, having our first reunion with Kambry's travel group and hopefully working just a little bit more :) A group of five gals from our church are also launching an adoption ministry that I'm so excited about! We are all passionate about God's heart for adoption and children, and I can't wait to share as it unfolds. May God be glorified! Kaeleb is eating anything and everything, and he frequently comes to Mommy for love! He's so passionate about life. He's got the best belly laugh and is generally very happy. On the other hand, when he's mad, he's very mad. Strong willed, just like his mom ;-)


Tammy said...

What cute photos! I can't wait to hear more about the new adoption ministry.

Kitty said...

Kaeleb needs a strong will to hold his own in that household! I thought that all two year old little girls ate on top of the table. Do you need some clothes for those kids? I'm afraid they're going to grow up and become streakers!!!

blessedbeyondmeasure said...

I always love to see your adorable photos! They certainly make me smile!


Rachelle said...

Great pictures! The comment about the kids growing up to be streakers cracks me up!! Why do they never have clothes on??? : )

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