Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One Year Ago Today... Gotcha!

April 2, 2007, a day I will never forget!
Waiting not-so-patiently was 1 family in the northern Jilin province and 4 families in Chongqing. Over 2 years of paperwork and waiting all were forgotten as our children were placed in our arms. Happy Forever Family Day, my friends. Kambry Hope, you bring joy to every day!
Clowning with Daddy minutes after Gotcha.

March 2008, taking in the sweet fragrance of life! For the rest of the story, please go here.


Martha said...

Happy Forever Family Day to Kambry and her family!


Kim said...

Happy Forever Family Day! We will get to celebrate a FFD this week as well...2yrs for Princess Mia.
Kambry is so beautiful... it is a joy to see her smile.
Love ya
Brad and Kim S

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