Friday, April 25, 2008

Random acts of chaos :)

What have we been up to this week? The school band concert and music program was last night. Kayden loves to sing!

Kambry accompanied with Kenzie's drumsticks on the bleachers.
Kaeleb wanted to either get down or go home!
Kayden drew a Zero for show and tell today ~ it's the letter Z.
Karaoke with Dora's telescope?
Kambry has slept through three nights in her toddler bed ~ yeah!
Q. Guess what his favorite toy is?
A. The one that makes the most noise!

Mommy has help with laundry ...
... or not! He'd rather drag it out of the washer.
Where's Kambry?
Nobody has to show my boy how to push a doll buggy. Sort of like a scoop shovel, right?!?
And those are the highlights of our week. The weekend is almost here, but who can afford to go anywhere with gas at $3.49??? And have you bought groceries lately? I need to find a job on the way to the store just to fill my tank, then the prices seem to rise between entering and exiting the store. Makes we want to resort to protein shakes and ice water :) We've officially eaten all the meals I prepared before leaving for China, so it's back to menu planning for me. The kids are doing great! Kaeleb and Kambry are playing together and *learning* to share. Kuyler is coming home for the weekend, then after finals he'll be home to work for the summer! I love having the whole family together. We are also hoping to make a trip to the airport Sunday afternoon to welcome some friends home with their precious daughter from VN! So, how's that for a random and chaotic post ;-) Have a blessed weekend!


Sonya said...

OH MY! I paid $80.00 to fill up today! OUCH!

Great update! LOVED the pics too!!!

Sherri said...

We're a little less than 2 weeks away from having everyone home for the summer. I'll be so happy to have my family under one roof.

I love the pictures!


Kimi said...

I love your random sounds like my house but I only have 1...hehehe...what does that tell you...I can't wait to have more chaos around here :-).

Have a great week,

I know girl, the gas and groceries prices are terrible!

Michelle said...

Kaeleb's smile gets bigger each time I check in! Just LOVE the musical photos!

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