Friday, April 11, 2008

Never seen so many diapers

Kenzie drew this picture for me, and it's a perfect reminder of the grace that has sustained me this week! Kambry and Kaeleb have had a gastrointestinal problem that should make Huggies and Pampers very happy. We've been through two sets of clothes each day, changed sheets and given Kaeleb's high chair two HAZMAT showers :) Fortunately, I think we're almost normal again.

We took Kaeleb for his first doctor's visit on Tuesday, and it was a long day but he was a trooper. He's in the 50th percentile in both height and weight on the American charts! He has learned two more Baby Signs this week and has eaten real mac and cheese and long grain rice! My virtual twins are definitely testing their boundaries and feeding off each other's naughtiness :)
Playing at the doctor's office
Chillaxin' as we wait on the doctor
This week the dealership took our suburban and swapped our middle bucket seats for a bench so we can all fit. This meant we had three stray carseats to play with.
Two handsome guys!
Shine on!


Sherri said...

Oh Connie--Kaeleb is a thumb sucker! Out of 6 kids, only one of mine was a thumb sucker. I think it's the sweetest thing ever. I really do.

I am so happy that things are settling in for you.


Rachelle said...

Hang in there!!!!

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