Thursday, April 3, 2008

Goodbye, jetlag!

Always the fashion statement
Old McDonald had a farm
Mealtime ... or snack time
We are officially and finally over jet lag! Two weeks home from a three week trip ~ not bad! So, what's new? Kaeleb is now baby signing "please." Every moment is a teaching moment - whew! He definitely knows what "booyow no-no" means, but it doesn't mean he won't try the same thing five minutes from now. He has successfully slept two full nights in a pallet beside our bed rather than in it. Kambry is having a few nighttime sleep issues, but frankly I'm not sure I could function on a full night's sleep after four years without it (doesn't mean I wouldn't like to try!).
We had a surprising email from Shaohannah's Hope today that they are planning to use a portion of our adoption testimony in their Spring 2008 newsletter! I'll add the link when it is published. We were disappointed this year when they declined us for another assistance grant, but maybe we were taking them for granted after two prior assistance awards, or maybe God just has a more creative means for providing the thousands we still need to cover our adoption debt :) We love all the things SH is doing to unite Forever Families and provide aid to orphans worldwide!
And speaking of finances, Daddy had a huge day of "bonding" while Mommy went to work today! As I walked in the door, he bolted out, saying something like, "I can't get anything done; they're like puppies at my feet":) :)
And finally, since Kuyler's almost wrapped up his freshman year, we thought we'd tour the campus this weekend. Hey, if these weary Okies can get to China and back, we can surely get through OU! Blessings!


Tammy said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing so well! Yea for the end of jetlag! I hope everything continues to go smoothly.


Martha said...

What a great pic of your three little ones. So precious.

I noticed Kaeleb is wearing two different outfits. He's not messy, is he? ;)

Good riddance to jet lag!


blessedbeyondmeasure said...

Oh do I know about the "puppies at your feet" comment! :) Glad you all are past the haze of the jet lag!


Kitty said...

Speaking of "puppies at your feet," I still call Jia "Shadow!!" at 5 1/2!!!

Rachelle said...

Puppies, huh?? I think every mom can relate. Have a good weekend.

Shelly said...

It was so nice to meet you all today (again!) at OU! Hope you guys made it safely back home!

Our blog is:

Brad, Shelly, Caleb, Jacob and Allyson McCain


Hi, Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!! He is too sweet!! Our daughter Emily Grace's Gotcha day is also 4/2/07!! Happy anniversary!! I would love to know what you did to to already have to the opportunity to receive another of God's little angels from China. I understood that you couldn't even apply for another baby until you had your most recent baby an entire year. How did you do it?!?! We would love to have baby #2 already. Please share with us!!
Thank you in advance for any information,
Amy :-)

Kimi said...

Glad your jet lag is over...that can be pretty rough. Kaeleb looks like he is doing wonderfully. I love the puppies at the feet comment...I can't wait until I have pupp(ies) at my feet. Your post always seem to make me for that a BIG thank you.


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