Tuesday, April 8, 2008

OU Day, Part II

Kiddie Kaddie for the littlest "K"s
Ummm, routine maintenance on the Kaddie
Yo, dude, whazzup
Just where he belongs, in a tree :)
The Great Room in the beautiful library (not a place for 2 toddlers looking for Mom)

Gotta eat, right? Boomerang was delish!
Four "K"s in the round thingy
Boomer ... Sooner!
Feeding the squirrels
Sunday after church. Ya' think we overdid it?!?Saturday was tiring but a great day. All my kids love being outdoors (maybe this summer I'll get a tan - ha!). We routinely spend late afternoons and early evenings on the front porch or patio with the doors wide open. The kids play while I attempt to clear my once beautiful flower beds. As several friends have reminded me, I'm growing children right now, not flowers! But I'd rather not look as if I'm intentionally growing weeds (not the children, in the flowerbeds :) The three youngest "K"s went to the sitter (yes, it's April's house ~ how awesome is that!) yesterday so I could produce my first transcript. I'm not really ready to go back to work, but it's necessary, so I shall go to work. I'll probably only work 3 days a week as long as I can, so it will be a good transition. Anyway, Kaeleb did awesome! I think it helped that April spent three weeks in China with us and he sees her at least three times a week at church or to visit. I gave April their "together" schedule, and she did awesome! They even napped at the same time. We're even down to nearly synchronized diaper changes :) I think Kaeleb may have an issue with the milk based formula so it's not a pretty thing right now ... I made my third batch of congee last night, and I'm perfecting it as I go. We're trying new foods every day but keeping a steady supply of baby foods, rice cereal and congee on hand in case he can't chew or swallow what we're eating.
Tracking back to Saturday's visit (random thought process), as God would have it, we met another Dillon family taking pictures at the tulip garden! We had a great visit and look forward to seeing what God has in store for their family.
Many of you have commented on how blessed I am ... and you are so right! I marvel at God's perfect plans and how He allows me to be Mommy to six amazing children . I don't deserve such blessings, and I am so grateful for His favor! And thank you, God, for my amazing, Godly husband who seeks you and follows you!


Jeff and Amy said...

So glad I visited the October group today and found your blog, what an amazing testimony!!! We also followed our hearts after attending a Stephen Curtis Chapaman concert, amazing what happens when you follow God's will. Your family is just beautiful.

Shelly said...

Even more of a conincidence... our house is a stone's throw away from Boomerang! How funny that you ate there! It really was great meeting you all... and I've loved reading your blog and seeing how God brought you to your children! What a blessing!!!

Shelly McCain

Truly Blessed said...


I loved following your journey to Kaeleb and have lots of questions about the pros and cons of bringing Kambry along.

So when you have a second, starting thinking about this for me, I'll send you some questions (probably via email). Our Katie will be 30 months old and our new baby 19 months old when we get her -- probably in June. I need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly so I can be prepared!!

Thanks and your family is gorgeous!

Kelly (from the 10/10 DTC Yahoo group)

Sherri said...

What a nice visit you had! I'm sure you drew many looks from college students walking around campus with your 3 Chinese kids! It always amazes me how freely the college kids come up and talk to us about our adoptions. I think this generation is very open concerning adoption!

We took our oldest son for his Orientation at Mississippi State yesterday. I'm missing him already!


Rachelle said...

Glad you had a great time. Love the tulip pictures!

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