Monday, April 21, 2008

Mothering a Multitude

A few years ago a friend shared this excerpt with me, and I just felt I needed to pass it on. Every day I feel inadequate as a mother, wife and friend, and I am learning to see myself as God sees me, His beloved creation. I have no idea why He has blessed me so much, but I hope to pass on His blessings.
The mother of a multitude has some characteristics not always seen or experienced in small-to-medium families.
Multiple mothering requires that you stockpile hand-me-downs until you could open your own thrift shop. It’s taking two carts and a husband to handle the overflow when you do your grocery shopping. It’s never having a problem with leftovers because there aren’t any.
It’s wondering what happened to your tulip bed but knowing better than to ask. It’s never being lonely, yet fighting for a moment of solitude. It’s peeling potatoes until you rue the day Idaho joined the Union. It’s wishing you could have just one roll of Scotch tape to call your own.
It’s giving repeated thanks for the services of electricity, running water, Frigidaire, General Mills, an all-weather house, a healthy body, and the indefatigability of the Holy Spirit.
(Excerpted from book)


Rachelle said...

Don't forget your washing machine & dryer. Where would we be without them?? Crazy, that's where!! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

Connie: I'll have to pass "Mothering A Multitude" on to my mom. She & my dad raised 7 of us kids (6 girls and finally the boy). Since I'm the oldest, I very much remember all of the laundry, groceries, noise, keeping up with cleaning, etc. I have very fond memories of our large family and wouldn't trade it for anything. It can be crazy and expensive at times but what you learn in a large family is so valuable for later in life. Many life lessons to be shared. Your kids will have many memories as a large family together as you will too. Try to keep your sanity as long as you can! It will be worth it!!!!

Barb (your fellow travelmate)

Pam said...

Connie: I love this. One other thing I am thankful for is an iPod to listen to messages and programs that I constantly miss because I doing so many other things! Ah, modern technology is so great!!!


Jill and Rick said...

Connie, as another Mother to a Multitude, I love this!

Ashlie observed that we filled a cart at the grocery store today after I told them that we just had a "medium" list to get. LOL, I told her "This is medium, honey! Our big list takes two carts!"

Love seeing your happy, busy children!


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