Thursday, April 17, 2008

Light Week (this is good!)

Kuyler and Kenzie singing Matthew West's "Safe and Sound."

"I didn't do it; did you do it?"
Two cuties
"Maybe Mommy won't find us in here!" Notice Kambry's shoes.
Life is good! My workload is pretty light right now so I get to spend lots of time at home with the kids. Kaeleb is doing so well! He is my champion sleeper ~ thank you, Lord! And Daddy has Kambry duty at night :) Kaeleb now baby sign's "Mommy" and "Daddy" as well as the others he's learned. Today I was on the floor playing with Kambry and he walked up behind me and gave me a hug! He can now eat almost anything as long as we give him enough water to get it down. I guess I spend so much time trying to teach these two what they can and can't get into, that Kambry now has this not-so-adorable habit of tattling. She will yell, "Mama, Bubba no-no." :) :) :) I can't believe Kuyler has only three more weeks to the end of his freshman year! And Kolton, Kenzie and Kayden have just over four more weeks of school! I've had so many reminders of God's faithfulness this week, and one of them was an email from Karla, our Lifeline Social Worker, dated August 6, 2007, asking us if we wanted a certain file placed on hold while we made our final decision! That was less than nine months ago, and the precious boy whose file we placed on hold is now asleep in my arms! Praise God for His faithfulness!


Sherri said...

Nine months ago.....just like a pregnancy. God is good!

That first voluntary hug is the best, isn't it? That's great about his improvements in eating!


Rachelle said...

God is sooo good!! Enjoy all your kids this summer, its fast approaching!!

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