Monday, October 1, 2012

Will it be This Week?

Our immigration approval, that is.
We were printed two weeks ago, found out my prints were once again unclassifiable and sent the required clearance, assigned an adjudicator last all we need is our approval, signed sealed and delivered to Lifeline!
Once the approval is authenticated our dossier will be China bound!!

I stand in awe of God's goodness.
On Friday, we picked up our load of gorgeous mums, and we sold out on Saturday morning!
Today we are headed south to pick up a load of garage sale donations...and more mums. 

When we announced our garage sale last week, Kuyler mentioned it to his friends and they have gathered items to help bring his baby sister home!  Y'all, these are young men either still in college or just graduated from college, and they put their faith in action.  My heart rejoices at how our oldest son loves the Lord ~ when we told Kuyler we were adopting again, he sent a text to his prayer circle, and every day we received text messages of encouragement and Scripture from precious Brothers and Sisters we didn't even know!

Tomorrow we are sorting and marking the garage sale donations ~ thank you so much!!!!

Wednesday we don't have school so Kolton and Kooper will drive west to pick up yet another load of donated items!

Thursday we will haul everything to the home of dear friends who have willingly allowed us to invade their space for the purpose of our huge garage sales year after year!

Friday and Saturday, everything will GO to help Khloie COME home!


Vickie said...

Praying for your approval and funding my friend:)

Jodi said...

To God be the glory! Thank you Jesus for bringing Khloie home!!

thesleepyknitter said...

May the approval come swiftly!

Jean said...

YAy! I love how our Lord works! In the heart and souls of the young people to bring an orphan home!!

Praying for your garage sale that GOD WILL PROVIDE!!


likeschocolate said...

Sorry it has been difficult. Hopefully everything will get straightened out soon.

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