Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Thousand Pictures are Worth a Word ~

~ Finally!
~ Done!
~ Cut!
Trying to navigate this Krew into the same general direction proves to be quite frustrating comical!

We are a cluster...and an island.  And see Kennah levitate.  Wait, where is Kuyler?
What we need is some direction.
Let's just close our eyes and pray.  Kambry, look up...and forward.
 Gonna have to roll our sleeves up and do this thing.
 Get back over there, Kaeleb.
We are getting closer.
Nope, it's Kennah's turn.

It's official ~ she's melted!
 Now she's better...but Kaeleb is done!
Kolton thinks we need to fill the gap.

 Wow, there's Kambry's face!  But Kaeleb is still done.  Call it a wrap; this works!

 Then there's the jump.  Ready, set...set...set
Jump!  Or not!
Lest you think this only happens in groups.  Nay, nay.
At the mere mention of a boy's name, she crumbles.
 She giggles.
 She throws her head back.
 I think we are done here!
Thank you, Mr. Brad, for your patience with this ginormous Krew!
We've finally printed the pictures to update our wall of fame!!!
This is only a few of the many shots, but it's true ~
a thousand pictures are worth a word:


Sun Valley Homestead said...

Wow, all the "K"'s is enough. Beautiful family. You are blessed.

Tobi Wright said...

I love how 3 of your older kids stepped up and helped with the little ones. I know that's how it works in large families but still a great blessing!

Jean said...

I love this post and I did comment but had a bad internet connection so I am trying again while hubby puts the kids to bed!!

I love your header family photo!! It is so perfect for a large family!! Plus it shows all the different interactions that go on in a big family!

I used to stress over family photos but now I enjoy and pray about it!!


Thanks for sharing your process! ;-)

Marie said...

Haha! Love it! Similar to our attempts at family pictures, but I only have 4 kids to deal with...hats off to you!
Love that you have a "wall of fame" and call it that. We do the same thing! :)

Shonni said...

Yes, worth a word, and you gave me a good laugh, friend. Did Kasidi Joy recover? LOL

Mentor Mom said...

LOVE it! This is totally what our Family Photo Shoots are like. :)

LOVE the new header pic!

We haven't had the whole family together in over 3 years. So, so sad. Hard to take family pics with Big Kids missing. :(

Blessings to you and your beautiful family!

mama of 12

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