Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random Update

I feel the need to blog, but the reality is that what I've been up to this week hardly seems blog worthy.  

By week's end, I will have traveled half a million miles, between doctor's appointments, work and Mom's Shuttle Service.
I will have disassembled and reassembled 450 car seats.  That revealed a whole new level of gross!
I will have stripped 125 beds.
I will have done a thousand loads of laundry.

That might be a slight exaggeration, but to say that my washer and dryer ran for 21 hours straight is no lie, since we had an outbreak of the nasty kind.

Saturday we took the youth group to the corn maze and had a blast! I love serving with this gal! 

And thank you, BG, for tending the zoo so we could enjoy the company of teens without tag-alongs - you rock!
Mr. Greenthumb finds himself right at home in a corn field :)

Somebody said jump, so I did.  Ouch!

Kasidi's therapist has wanted her to balance well enough to stand still, and she did it this week!  After a nano-second she said, "How about I walk?" :)

On Monday we had Kennah's pre-op appointment with her oral & facial surgeon.  Next Wednesday (halloween), he will do the pharyngeal flap as well as a lip revision.  She will have one overnight in ICU, but we should be released Thursday morning!

In other interesting happenings, our eldest landed a sweet post-college job!  The commute, however, required him to get a new-to-him car, and it's so stinkin' cool!  I begged him for 3 days to send pictures, and last night he did even better - made a walk-around video of his new ride.  Thank you, oh-awesome-son-of-mine!

And finally, we have yet another Thursday night football game, which totally throws me off kilter!  But if I'm not mistaken, this week's game will determine whether our guys make playoffs.  Now that will be something to blog about!

I hope your week is equally as exciting!!!


Jean said...

Sounds like busy times at your house!!

Thanks for the update!

God's blessings to you!

likeschocolate said...

Sorry you have had sick ones! It seems like you are on the mend. Happy Halloween! Have a great week!

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