Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ChipIn for Airline Tickets

I wish we were booking tickets, but that time is not here yet.
Some have asked if we would keep a ChipIn up so they can contribute to our journey to Khloie, so we have posted a ChipIn specifically for airline tickets and travel related costs.  This is not a vacation, and we travel strictly economy.

God is so very good to provide for every need!

We are still pricing items given by generous friends for our garage sale this Friday.
It's going to be awesome!!!

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Rebecca said...

One suggestion and timing saving tip... When we had our big garage sale fund raiser, we decided not to put prices on items. We put big signs in our yard and ads saying what the money was going towards and we let people offer what they felt was fair on an item. Some gave way more than the items were worth bc of this. Some also tried offering nothing and we gently reminded them that we were working towards giving a home to an orphan:) it was great fun! God is so good! It was a great way to share what God was doing in our lives.

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