Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trauma, Part IV ~ an analogy

Someone close to me, who shall remain un-named, shared this with me, and has given permission to pass it on.
If I can articulate it the way it was shared, maybe it will help us understand more clearly from our children's perspective.

Living as an orphan is kind of like being a quarter.
You are one of many.

And you get passed around from one hand to another.
You never know where you belong.
Sometimes you get bruised like a quarter gets worn.
It can leave your head and your heart spinning.
But there is hope.
Just like old worn quarters can be remade, so can we be made new... JESUS!
And thanks to my forever family, I will no longer be passed around.
I have a new name in family and in Christ!

And all this mama can say is AMEN!

1 comment:

Mama D's Dozen said...


Praying that our Little Miss will come to realize some day that she has found her own place . . . in a family that loves her.

mama of 12

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