Friday, October 5, 2012

1302 Posts - How Exciting?!?

How exciting is that?  1302 blog posts?
Okay, that's not why I'm posting.
First, thank you to everyone who has donated the ginormous amount of items now organized, priced and ready to sell today beginning at 8.  You wouldn't believe all the stuff!
And a special thank you to April, because there is no way I could do this without you.  Your time and dedication to helping bring our Khloie is incredible.  Thank you, sweet friend!!!
In other news:
We have CIS APPROVAL!!!!!!!!!!!
We will soon be Dossier To China!
Hang on, precious baby girl, we are working our way to you!
And speaking of work, I'd better get to the garage sale...


Jodi said...

praying for amazing things to happen at your garage sale this weekend! And yahoo!!!

Kristin said...

We're garage saling this weekend, too! Lots of work but fun!

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