Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Standing in Awe!

I just don't have the words to describe this place we are in! We've never doubted that God would provide everything we need, but we are in awe that He continues to open the floodgates of His blessing.

We decided if He provided $50 in our camera fundraiser, then we would praise Him for $50. But God! He provided over $1600!!!

What if some did not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God's faithfulness? Not at all!...
Romans 3:3-4

Thank you again to everyone who gave so generously. This money is not for us; it is for the Lord's use in bringing our Treasure home. You have invested in a Treasure that will bring an eternal return!

We are so grateful for what the Lord has done and so excited about what He has yet to do!

I've mentioned our Lifesong/Both Hands project. In the weeks ahead I will share more about it with you, but generally it is Scripture coming to life. The concept is based on James 1:27, and it is a way to extend a hand to the widow and the orphan!

Our family has the privilege of serving two beautiful widows in our community (2 projects!), and as we spend a day fixing up their homes, each of our team members asks for sponsorship, wherein all the funds raised for sponsorship go into a Lifesong account to help bring Kasidi home. How cool is that?!?

We had a meeting last Sunday afternoon to recruit our team members, and to our astonishment, we have 14 families on our team!!! I know these folks love our Krazy family...but they also love the ladies we are ministering to...and most of all, they love the LORD!

We have tentative dates for each project, and we'll be super busy with preparations, so we are asking for your prayers. We want to honor these godly women; we want to please the Lord; and we want to cause awareness to the needs of the orphan and the widow. And no doubt, we will have the time of our lives working hand in hand with some amazing people! Just wait till you see the fun we have!


lizzielou said...

Amen and Praise Jesus! Thank you for posting this....we are also on our journey of fundraising for our waiting little one in China and it is so awesome and encouraging to see the Lord work!


Shonni said...

How wonderfully awesome about the $$.
I keep trying to figure out if I can possibly do a fundraiser...I would like to try, just not sure what...
I will be praying for ya’ll also!!!

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