Monday, February 21, 2011

In The Mail!

Our Both Hands project is in full swing!
Yesterday our Team gathered to stuff envelopes, and tomorrow there will be nearly 600 letters hit the mail!
What exactly is the Lifesong/Both Hands project?
It's an incredible Scriptural concept to extend a hand to the widow and the orphan, based on James 1:27.
The family (us) selects a widow (the project) to lend a hand to. In our case, we have two widows (meaning two projects!).
Then we recruit a Team. We have 12 Team families.
The Team commits to do 2 things ~
1) Send letters asking friends and family members to sponsor them as they work on the project. It's sort of like a charity golf tourney or a walk for the cure, except our project is extending one hand to the widow and one to the orphan, as Scripture commands us to do.
2) Spend one full day working on each project.

How does this benefit the family?
All funds raised go into our account at Lifesong, to be disbursed as we need them for the adoption of our two Treasures, Kasidi and Kennah.

What does our project consist of?
We will spend a day at the home of each widow. There is an extensive list of tasks, all coordinated by our project foreman, Brad. We will trim trees, landscape, plant grass, replace a garage door, replace eves, replace two sinks and counter tops, build a patio cover, install a porch swing...among other things. It's going to be amazing, and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to extend a hand to two beautiful women who love the Lord!

In the sidebar of our blog you will find a "Donate" button. If the Lord leads you to give to this project, you may use the Donate button which places your tax deductible contribution directly into our account at Lifesong.

Our team, which includes two elementary students and a teenager who are sending their own support letters! This picture represents at least one member of each team family, except two who had scheduling conflicts (we missed you!)
To Him be the glory!!!


Adeye said...

Yes, friend, TO HIM BE THE GLORY....for ALL He is about to do!!!!!!!

provision, provision, provision!

Jodi said...

awesome!!! The barn in the background reminds me of the Amish community who get together to support each other and help build their family shelters - here, God's family is doing His work - caring for the orphans and widow! Sooo beautiful!!!!

Nicole said...

We did a Both Hands project last year to bring home our 2 boys!
Almost $12,000 came in! It was AMAZING!!!! We did the first ever out of state project with JT! before he joined forces completely with Lifesong!
I will pray you have a HUGE time of fun, we LOVED every second of it!
Praying for you all!
We are waiting to see our next treasure, number 7 for us!

P22-6 Boys Ranch said...

We feel blessed to be a part of this with your family. We had a great day Sunday and can't wait for project day!

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