Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Do We Respond?

Do you notice that when the Lord asks you to do something out of the ordinary you get a variety of responses?

Does it seem we often try to put God in a box? When someone is on fire for His plans which are so totally beyond our comprehension, do we try to extinguish the fire? Why?

Because we just don't get it? Because He is silent? Because we aren't listening? Or is it because we've lost our first love? Is our relationship with Him more like a well-worn chair that has conformed to our body - and heaven forbid we should move outside that comfy spot? Or does it just make us feel better to tear someone else down?

This response quenches the Spirit, and it can be expressed in words and actions.

In reality, everything we have, from our money to the very air we breathe, belongs to God.
Will we use it like this...
...or this?
I'm so grateful that God extends an open hand instead of a closed fist to each of us!

The next time someone attempts to extinguish the fire the Lord has placed in your heart, look to Him for the strength to persevere and the grace to keep walking.

And the next time a brother or sister is on fire for the Lord and His plans...

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
Eph 4:29


Jodi said...

Starting a new Bible study -"living beyond yourself" Praying God will work on me and my "I'm good just how things are" attitude!
Thanks for the encouragement Sista!

groovy mama said...

Just what i needed to hear...wonderful encouragement!

Jean said...

Great post! Yes I have been extinguished before- instead of encouraged- I/we were weird. It does squelch the desire to continue on - thank you for the encouragement!!

Hoping I haven't done that to others but I'm guessing- I have somewhere in my past.

Andrea said...

I love you, Connie.

trina said...

Over time, you would think that comments made by others would not mean anything...but it still hurts. I love being 'radical' and I normally don't mind what others say. But sometimes, people shock me with their words and i normally just stand there in disbelief. I can relate. :)

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