Friday, April 9, 2010

Spotlight On A Cowboy

My cowboy who evades the camera is graduating 8th grade next month!
#45 scored the winning touchdown in the last game (while we were in China)

But since I needed to produce pictures for the ceremony, he has no choice but to show his face here :)
Look at that smile!
Look at my toe-headed, gun-toting little man!
Be still, my heart. What a doll little man at three months!

Kolton Tee, we were sure The Strong Willed Child was written for you! We've prayed that God would channel your will and go-get-em heart for Himself. It's such a blessing to see that happening!

1 comment:

Bryan and Jodi, Brady, Kenzie, Conner, Jorja and Jailyn said...

Kolton what a cutie - and now he is so grown up! :) WOW! Way to go football star!!

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