Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Call Me HERO For a Day :)

Fresh outa the pan


Thumbs up!

This mama has spent the day (in addition to homeschool) researching grief in the older internationally adopted child. My uneducated opinion is that we are in phase 3 of the grieving process: disorientation/disorganization.

This can manifest itself through sadness, depression, the reality of the loss sinking in, and not participating in activities he typically enjoys. And to say that his emotions are like a roller coaster is a gross understatement! Let me off so I can lose my cookies already - lol. He can be chipper and chatty one minute and silent and distant the next. There's more I want to write about this, but for now, the bottom line is ~ how are we going to help Kooper cope? Lots of personal things, plus we've ordered a teen Life book, For When I'm Famous, and I'm trying my hand at making some comfort foods. Several times he's mentioned:


So I made them.

And he loves them!

Yep, call me Hero for a day!



Lori said...

Well that settles it. I'm nominating you "Mother of the Year!" Keep up the good work! :)

Serving the King said...

I second that nomination!! My boys and the hubs and I have been praying for him nightly! Hang in there!

Chris said...

Just started following your blog...prayers for you guys...we will probably be asking everyone in a few months.

Where do you get a teen life book?

Cari said...

Thanks for the heads up on researching "grief in the older international adopted child"...I may need to do this as well after we bring home our 12yo daughter in a couple of months.

I love reading your posts! You ARE doing a great job being their mom!

Gina said...

Hey Connie! You rock! Hang in there! Go to my site and click on the Gillman's blog. They adopted two children from Ethiopia, ages 3 and 5. It has been a long road for them, but they are making great strides. They were our travel buddies. I know their kids are younger than Kooper, but it has still been quite hard, especially with their older one. Kim researched the stages of grief too with adoption and has blogged about it. You can look at her older posts, (quite a ways back I think). She's a dear. Check it out. Love ya! Gina

Adeye said...

You're my hero too, my friend. Totally! You'll get through every single stage Kooper is dealing with. Goodness, I stand amazed at just how far he has come is such a short time. It is amazing. Only a work of the Almighty Father holding Kooper's Heart is HIS hands.

Hugs form the Ukraine.

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