Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Memorial Box Monday (on Wednesday)

Rock of My World
One year ago today God rocked our world… and has continuously been the Rock of our world too! He confided a secret to us that we never saw coming! He revealed that we should adopt an older child.

What? Lord, don’t you remember me saying, “I praise God that some people are equipped to adopt older children, but it sure isn’t me”? Or what about when I said, “I could NEVER do that”?

I remember clearly first thinking, ‘How am I going to break this to Clayton?’ But I also remember clearly that God wouldn’t let go of my heart, no matter how much I protested. And so we prayed.

Have you ever experienced God’s perfect timing or his divine plans?

Unbeknownst to us, on the very day that God burdened my heart, there was a file of a particular 13 year old boy on its way back to China. Sadly, though many families had considered this child, none had ever followed through, and his chance for a family was running out.

After five days of praying, we had the confirmation we needed from the Lord to ask our agency to consider allowing us to adopt two children at the same time. We said we were not going to pursue any particular child, but “you know, a boy who is 13 and near aging out, he would be our son.”

To our amazement, as we prayed and rested during the night, CCAA produced the file they had just received of a certain 13 year old boy to our agency, and the next morning we got the news that we had a son! God had taken the brokenness of his life and redeemed it. He had brought a boy in need of a family and a family in need of The Rock together! In His glorious, always-perfect timing!

Had we known the challenges we would face in the coming twelve months, we would have run like the wind. But God gives us exactly the portion we need for a single day, and His mercies and compassions are renewed each morning! He was, and still is, faithful to reveal Himself through His Word, His provision, His mercies and His ability to overcome obstacles far beyond us.

He has moved mountain after mountain, and continues to do so as we journey onward. He has brought HIS plans to fruition by bringing our son home, a child that He has watched over and loved more than anyone else ever can or will.

It’s completely amazing to me that the God who breathed the Universe into existence would confide His miraculous plans to me or that He would change my plans in a single moment. He can join cultures, hearts and families!

I never want to miss a single thing He has for me. “Here am I. Send me!” Isa 6:8


Timothy said...

Missed opportunities must be the epitaph of many.

Mommy of little ones said...

very cool. love the older child adoption thing! you are blessed.

natali said...

love it

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