Monday, December 28, 2009

We Interrupt This Series To Bring You ...


Gotta love the pre-Christmas injuries that happen when you run and fall with a cup in your mouth.

Now we can figure out where we're going... right?

What are these? Oh yeah, movies, entertainment, lounge material. Yeah, right!

Wow, this kid's got an entire fleet of new trucks!

Don't ask!
We had a very laid-back Christmas. It was awesome! Praise the Lord our newest Treasures were home to celebrate.
On a side note, that's a LOT of stockings! Am I crazy to think that one of these years Santa will have done his job before I check in?!?


Adeye said...

Looks absolutely fabulous, friend. I too am rejoicing that your sweet angels are home. Such a blessing. They made it home in time for their first Christmas. I would love to know what Kooper thought of the whole deal???

Kim said...

Looks like a perfect family Christmas...and all eight kiddos are home where they belong,WooHoo!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Kim and Chili Peppers

Susan said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves! Can't wait to meet everyone in Feb.
Happy New Year,

Kaylei Elizabeth Ling said...

Loved your pictures! Emma was looking at them with me and when we got to Kinley's she got SO excited and kissed the screen. Do you think she remembers her? It was convincing to me... How great it feels to have our families with us for Christmas this year.

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