Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Older Child Adoption, Part I

I think this will be a continuing post and I will share my heart as I can formulate the words. As I see the Lord leading more and more families to adopt older children (and for purposes of this post, I'll define older child as those over the age of 2), I want to be an encouragement.

See, a year ago as we were deep into the paper process to be matched by our agency with a SN toddler under 24 months, I was that person who said, "I'm so glad the Lord calls folks to adopt older kids...but I could never do that."

Nope, I could never do that! Until the Lord slammed me with the truth in April that it's not at all about what I can do and all about what He can do! We knew clearly the Lord was confiding His plans to us. We were once again on the blessed journey of adoption, and yet in the end the path would look much different from the way we envisioned.


Adeye said...

LOL! Never say never, hey?

I soooo understand. I always thought I would adopt babies! Yeah, right. God still has not opened THAT door. Each child He gives us is an older child--a chosen child!

It is such an amazing journey bringing home the older ones, friend. Tough? You and I both know it is. But oh so rewarding. Yes, it is all about what HE can do--I love that!

Beach Mama said...

God has such a sense of humor, doesn't He? I was one of those that said I didn't want to have any children, I have 4 (2 bio/2 adopted)!

I, too, started the adoption journey as one of those people (YAP, NSN) for our first adoption. Pursued minor SN the second time. If He blessed us with another, I would be open to any age, gender, and SN. What a beautiful journey!

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