Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yep, It's Summertime!

What are the 'lazy days of summer'? Someone please tell me ;-) We seem to be sleeping less and running more... and I love staying home!
Kenzie and Company leaving for her last Children's Camp. Next year it will be youth camp!

No, Mom, this is not a chair. This is our ship and we're sailing. Hmmm, what's that sailor in the back up to?!?

Late night baseball with a popsicle and a friend!

Summertime means giving the flowers a drink...

...riding our bikes...

...and shading our face.

How's your summer going?


Kim said...

Teenagers and it! Can't wait to see 1 more added to each in your family soon. Looks like your summer is much like ours... playing at home (mom is trying to get some organizing done...not being very successful), spending nights at baseball, and church camps start in 2 wks.
...we will be adding a couple of week long trips and a few weekend trips into the mix and before we know it ...summer is over. I love summer more now as a mom than ever as a kid.
Praying for you all
Kim (Brad and the chili peppers)

Lori said...

Do you need clothes for your nekkid kids?

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