Friday, June 19, 2009

Talkin' to Myself

This may seem like a repeat of things I've said previously - but then again, sometimes it takes me several times to get it :/
Many times our circumstances are completely out of our control. Or we find ourselves waiting for something for which there is nothing more we can 'do' to attain that which we wait for.
Or we are faced with the unknown, and we justify worrying. Or we just don't have the answer we need.
You know what I'm talking about, those situations where we've done everything we can do, physically, spiritually, prayerfully ... and there is nothing more we can do. That's when the dirty duo 'worry' and his partner 'fear' can set in.
BUT that's just not the answer. Worry won't change a single thing! (I tell my mom this every time we fly to China;-) It makes us distraught, feeling powerless and out of control - which we are.
While we can never fully understand the glory and endless power of our Almighty God, we ought to realize a portion of it ... just by looking out our window, looking into the night sky, watching the ocean tide, marveling at the miracle of human life - you get the idea.
So, if He can set this Universe into motion and create every good thing, why do we (I) try to limit Him?!?
I have come to the understanding that I don't have to know all He's doing to know He is at work. I don't have to know what the path from Point A to Point B is going to look like as long as I'm looking at Him.
It is only when we realize even a portion of the power of our Almighty God that we can experience peace in lieu of worry, especially in those times we are completely powerless and 'in the dark.'
If I keep tellin' it to myself, I will get it! Only because He is transforming me ...


Andrea said...

In the words of the great ELIZA DOOLITTLE:
And you are right..totally no need to worry.
It uses up energy best spent on other things.


The Ferrill's said...

amen, sister!
Oswald Chambers speaks a lot on this matter...good stuff!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

So very, very true and so well put! Hang in there my friend and keep your eye on Him! It will all work ALWAYS does! God wants your little ones home too!


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