Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dadblasted skeeters

When Kayden came home we learned how ugly mosquito bites can be on a child allergic to the creepy critters. Part of it has to do with her beautiful Asian skin. The site will welt up, then seep, then turn purple and scar for about a month and eventually fade away. We quickly realized we had to protect Kayden's skin anytime she was outside, and if she did get bitten we'd give her Benadryl and cover the bites with Calamine.
Apparently Kaeleb is even sweeter! He will be covered in bites when there isn't a single sign of the critters on anyone else. Saturday his hairline was covered in bites, and Sunday he got bitten on the brow. Monday his right eye was swollen shut, and even Benadryl wouldn't treat it. We hope his visit to the doctor will render the cure my precious boy needs. I can't even post his picture because it looks like he's been socked a good one - poor baby.
All this to say, once you bring home your precious Asian born child, you may need to take extra precautions against pesky mosquitoes. We were shocked the first time we saw our children's reaction to the bites.
The doctor didn't think Kaeleb had a secondary infection in his eye. He says to keep using repellent and follow up with Benadryl.


Kitty said...

I hate those mosquitos!!! Poor baby!!

Dorothy said...

And here I thought it was just my baby girl who reacted so badly....we even nicknamed her "skeeter". She also swells up terribly and then has bruise like marks on her skin for weeks afterward. We quickly learned to keep her covered or sprayed with repellent when we are outside. Hope your Doctor has some good advice for you.

Barb said...

Asians are sensitive. Ciana does the exact same thing as Kayden. I remember a 4th of July night, her little legs were so awful with bites later swelling, etc. She has always had to take Hydroxzine or Zyrtec for hives anyway (virus in her system that kicks in because of heat, bug bites, etc.). Have done this since we first got her and her whole body broke out in big old welts. Not as bad now but Zyrtec is still needed from time to time. Those bites are still a problem not healing right away. I notice that Kai does the same thing too but the bugs don't eat him as much.


Kim said...

Mia has the same reaction and swells up like Kaeleb. Our pedi. said that it won't hurt to give her a low dose of benedryl before any outdoor activities... it works...seems like the skeeters don't like benedryl so much. We also keep her covered in repellant too.
Poor Kaeleb, it can't be very comfortable. Glad the doctor had good news.
KimS(and clan)

Jill and Rick said...

Oh Connie, we've suffered just like that with Ashlie and Allie. Ashlie is much better now (unless the bite is too close to her eye ~ sound familiar?) but Allie still has a horrible reaction and often has been put on antibiotics after she's been bitten. (& those darned skeeters always find her first too!) Hoping she'll outgrow it soon, and hoping the same for all of our kiddos that suffer like that!


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