Sunday, June 21, 2009

Softball and Zoo

Kenzie in action.
There was this pipe thingy that actually provided a lot of entertainment - and seating.

If little brother smarts off to big brother one too many times ...

... this could happen. So that's what the pipe was for! (Note for anyone who doesn't have rowdy boys, don't worry, everybody is ok ;-)

ZOO DAY! We love getting together with old friends and meeting new ones! It was a hot day, and we really didn't see many animals ... but that's not the reason we went. We just love the family time with friends!
On our way and Daddy's on the phone - yep, it's sweet corn time business!

Unloaded and on our way. Take note, we were ON TIME!
Did I mention it was hot?
But the carousel was fun!

I guess :)

We'll guard the food and stroller while the boys check out the snakes.

Butterfly Garden

Chow time - that's what I'm talkin' about!

Lovin' the misters!

Hey, guys, smile! You shoulda seen the mamas scramble for our cameras when we saw the daddies consulting a m-a-p ;-) They're good sports!

More walking

The best exhibit of all ;-) Seriously, look at those beautiful kids! One family had already left for the day, and some of the kiddos aren't home yet so this isn't a complete picture.

Signing off till Falls Creek ...

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