Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Falls Creek

Confession: I didn't take many pictures this year. Fortunately, others did. On our way home, April and I browsed over 1,000 digital photos! Then she went home and made the video for the service - thanks, April!
I only had one camper this year and didn't take any of my babies ... so it was just Kolton and Mom. Here's Kolton and one of my other 'sons' Ty.
Ah, Kayla! You were just a kid when I started working with youth. What a blessing to see you grow into a lovely young lady. I've enjoyed serving alongside you as a sponsor. Thank you for investing in the youth! And the same to you, Brad! Thank you for giving back!
What are they up to?
Two crazy ladies lovin' the Lord and the youth! (Why else would we be waiting for the bus, headed to the ropes course in 109 degree weather?!?)

Kolton. Climbing ... Climb on!

As a special treat at the request of the youth, following Friday night's devotion we have an eating contest ... and somehow shaving cream appears afterward. Fortunately, we've taught these kids how to clean, and before they go to bed - at 3 a.m. - you'd never know the storm of destruction occurred.

Some of our awesome students in front of the bookstore.
In church with over 5000 other folks! What an amazing experience to corporately worship our Father. And then when 5000+ are silenced in prayer, it's incredible!

My devotion this morning was about sharing the Gospel, which was our Falls Creek theme: ECHO. The teaching revolved around echoing God's Truth, love and life. He certainly spoke to me. I want to thank our pastor. You do an awesome job of teaching, mentoring, along with a dose of fun.
Thank you, April and David, for allowing us to serve alongside you. You love the youth, and it's so obvious.
Thank you, Dale, for teaching our daily Bible study. You do an awesome job and add so much to our group.
Thank you, Tracy and Lori, for serving the Lord by cooking for us! Seriously, the best cooks in camp!
Thank you, Kayla and Brad! You were once our students and now we get to see you mentoring and teaching the youth.
Thanks to all who were praying for us, bought food, gave funds and so much more.
Thank you, Honey, for keeping the bus running!
Thanks to my sweet sister-in-law who keeps my kids every summer (9 years now!), making it possible for me to go.
Thank you, Ladena, for keeping Kenzie all week! Nothing like spending a week with a friend!
Thanks, Tina, for providing lunch after the service. What a huge blessing!
I'm gonna kick myself if I've forgotten anyone.
Finally, thanks to the parents for entrusting your kids to us. We are so blessed to watch them grow! May we all ECHO God's love!


Jodi Sue said...

How fun!!! Maybe my kids can join your next year! :)

Jodi Sue :)

Tina said...

THANK YOU for being so committed to the Lord!! You are wonderful with the youth and it is awesome to know that you love and care about my kid as much as I do! THANKS again for ALL that you do with youth!
Love You~

April said...

It is a pleasure to work with you.... I thank God all the time for our friendship, ability to work close together, the love between our families, and our memories and laughs! I want to thank you personally, though, because of part of who I am is becuase the time, love, and prayers you have given unto me. I know that who I am is partly because of you. You have taught me how to teach, called on me when I was to scared to pray outloud, but you knew I could, you are my mentor, my accountibily partner, you love me like a sister, and I thank God that He used YOU to be there in those times of needs. You are my best friend, and I love you!

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