Friday, November 14, 2008

This is Home

Have you heard the Switchfoot song, "This is Home"? If I may brag, Kenzie sings it beautifully! We had the annual charity concert last night, and we are so blessed that so many of our youth are willing to share their talent, and that the majority of the songs center around Jesus!

Kolton and Ty waiting for the show.

Always a critic :)
There's the social butterfly.

And there's the stubborn one who will only sleep on her own schedule.

Today we made cookies for the Bible studyMy little taste tester
Kaeleb waits for Daddy's school bus every morning.

This is what I got when I asked Kambry what was in her mouth ;-)It's going to be an awesome weekend! We host first round football playoffs tonight (Go Devils!). Tomorrow is our adoption Bible study, and Sunday Oklahoma Hearts gets to share our vision in another congregation. May you have a blessed weekend!


Kim said...

We could sure use some of those chocolate chip cookies around here! Your house sounds as if it is as fun and noisy as ours.
Have a great weekend!
Kim S

Kitty said...

She couldn't just stick one in her mouth, huh? Maybe she's going to be a great money saver!!!!

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