Friday, November 21, 2008


Something's (or someone's) missing ... but we're working on that!
We're going to be watching some OU football tomorrow night!
We're making slow progress on the adoption front. We are only required to have a home study update, consisting of two visits, and Kambry's June post-placement counts as one, so Rebecca's visit this week was a wrap-up. Under the new Hague policies I fear our home study will be 50 pages long! We must list all the special needs we are able to accept and our suitability for each. It also must include all modules of Hague training and required reading. Those are the only new elements I know of. Once we have our approved home study report, we'll send it, along with our I800A application and supporting documents, to NBC in Chicago. Approximately 21 days later we will be issued a fingerprint appointment with our local CIS office. Right now the wait for I800A processing is 120+ days! That's a long time to sit on paperwork. But during that time we'll complete our dossier and tie up any loose ends so that once we are DTC we can petition for our child. I can't quite wrap my mind around the math yet :)
This weekend Amy and I are making candles, and we're changing one scent so I'll keep you posted. Then I need to spend some time figuring out how to make a 'button' for the candle orders. Also, my dear husband has been threatened, er, I mean encouraged, to complete his Hague training :) Surely I'll get some pictures of all this!
There is also progress with K5 and K6! They have started talking like crazy. Kambry uses 3 and 4 word sentences, and Kaeleb is close behind! Not bad for a little boy who couldn't speak 8 months ago! I especially get a kick out of Kambry's, "Mommy, I need Dorie (Dora)." Kaeleb's popular saying is, "Mommy, where Daddy go?" Next week I want to start potty training (I reserve the right to change my mind). We're looking forward to Thanksgiving and then preparing to celebrate the Christmas season.


Pam said...

Wow girl! I thought I was busy! LOL!! ;) I can't wait to follow your new journey!

Sharon said...

We received our "Patience" candle a couple of weeks ago and everyone who smells it absolutely LOVES it! I'm ordering more!

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