Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Things They Say!

Oh, Kayden, she keeps me on my toes! This morning as she was getting ready for school, she looked in the mirror and made the following observation:
Kayden: Why am I wearing 'nature' clothes?
Mom: What do you mean 'nature' clothes?
Kayden: My shirt is covered with flowers, my barrette is a butterfly, my jeans look like the sky, and my hair and eyes are pitch black.
Mom: You are a beautiful Earth child!
This child is so expressive and full of thought! How blessed we are!
I'm not posting much this week because we are so busy. Kolton has a basketball tournament, we had a home study visit today, and Kaeleb's surgery is tomorrow. We are praying for a quick recovery.


Kitty said...

I must've missed something along the way. Kaeleb's surgery?

Cindy said...

Connie - Sorry to hear little Kaeleb is having surgery, hope it goes smoothly. Hugs.

Kayden is a beautiful child with a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing!

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