Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

So, last night after bathing my littlest monkeys and fixing supper, Clayton and I decided we really needed to go out and celebrate our upcoming 23rd anniversary (more about that later). Kuyler agreed to babysit if we'd return the corn order calls, take the cell phones and the order book :) We enjoyed a delicious meal, conversation with complete sentences, no phone calls ... and of course a Wal-Mart run for diapers. This is what we came home to:
Kenzie and Kambry on the couch, sacked out!
Kolton and Kayden on the floor, sacked out!
Kuyler and Kaeleb in the recliner, sacked out!
The whole bunch of them, poor babies. I think school will be much easier than corn harvest :)
Strapped in, movie on, cereal in hand, headed to the corn field at 6:30 a.m.Have an awesome day of worship with the Lord!


Lori said...

That is precious and hilarious at the same time. What a great anniversary present.

The McSmurfys

Doreen said...

You are truely blessed! Happy anniversary!


Howard and Kim said...

Sorry, gotta laugh!! I know this is pretty normal for you and several of my adoptive friends, but photo sequences like this are what convince our "had 2 children when we were young, now they're grown and we're enjoying life friends" that we've totally lost it. Oh, if they only knew.... Blessed, blessed, blessed. That's what we are!
Love it!!

Norma said...

Happy Anniversary. Looks like the big kids did a super job of entertaining the little guys. Sweet family. You are blessed.

holly m. said...

I love it!! Precious pics that made me chuckle and say awww at the same time.

Looks like they had a good system going! One Big watching one Little! It works.:)

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Naomi said...

Happy Anniversary!!
It has been some time since I visited your I have had some catching up to do!!! It is always lovely to see what has been happening in your home!!
Blessings from Naomi Cuozzo (from England)

Amy said...

checking in! Looks like everyone is tired :)!

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