Thursday, August 7, 2008


"One World One Dream." We love the Olympics and are particularly interested this year because we've seen the Bird's Nest and the Acquatic Center twice as they were under construction in 2007 and 2008.
On another note, did you happen to catch the Chapman family interview on Larry King Live tonight? Awesome! What an inspiration they are. As of tonight, the segment wasn't available on podcast, but maybe tomorrow ... It's worth watching.


Momma Hen said...

How is it that I have adopted from China twice and still haven't been to Beijing??? Well, I guess I will see the Bird's Nest with you :)
That Larry King was amazing.
Austin wept.
But I think that God received all the glory and I know that was what the Chapmans desired most.

Rachelle said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! Just doing some catching up on all your latest posts. Wow, you are busy!! And I thought we were a busy farm family : )
We just returned home from vacation. The Chapman family was very inspiring. They remind us all, of what life is really about..honoring and praising our Creator, in All things. I'm sure many lives were changed, even maybe Larry Kings.

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