Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kids and corn

We've taught Kaeleb and Kambry to hold hands in the absence of a stroller. So here are my affectionate 'twins'.

Mama, here we come.
Up close and personal How about a kiss - if only we could stop laughing
Strike a pose
I like corn!
More bounty! A little corn for the freezer. As I speak with customers, I gather their secrets. I honestly didn't know you could basically throw corn in the freezer and it would be well preserved. I chopped both ends off these ears, put them in zip-loc freezer bags and put them away. Next I'll try this one: place the ears, husk and all, in a brown paper bag and freeze. Last night we had our fav ~ grilled corn! We soaked the ears, husk and all, in water for a few minutes, then grilled for about 10 minutes, husked and ate. Scrumptious!
And a few melons. My husband certainly has a green thumb!


Kim said...

Your "twins" are most adorable!! They both look so happy together.
The corn looks scrumptious, and so do the watermelons... Mandy would love to sink her teeth into one of those... they were abundant throughout Guangxi last year,not so much here in our small town.
Kim S

One of Us said...

Beautiful "twins". Loved your family pic also. Congrats on the wonderful harvest.

Kitty said...

Are you SURE those babies aren't twins??????

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