Saturday, August 23, 2008

Close Encounter of the Virtual Kind

Ever had a hard drive crash? Have I ever mentioned that my business revolves around my computer? Sure, I go out and take the depositions, but my trusty software converts the Steno into English, then I email the transcript and sound file to my scopist, who edits, then emails it back to me, allowing me to proof, print and bill the job. And have I mentioned that my computer houses the Kodak moments of three unforgettable trips to China and every snapshot of our chaotic life since? What about my "Contacts" and "Favorites"? And all the emails I've archived, what about those? Thursday morning after blogging, my computer went dark and began telling me it was doing something crazy like dumping memory. I quickly shut it down and tried to reboot, thinking it was probably just overworked. But each of the ten times I tried to fire it up it told me there was no recognizable drive. As Kuyler is very calmly telling me what's happening, I'm reliving all the moments I've thought about purchasing an external drive "just in case" I have a hard drive crash. I'm loathing my dislike for clutter, trying to avoid managing too many files, thereby storing all photos in one tidy place - my computer, with no backup. My mind is like a slideshow of four years of photos forever lost. As Kuyler is preparing to pack up my dying computer to see if some guy at Staples can retrieve any part of my corrupt files, I must leave to work on an Oklahoma Hearts for Adoption project. Surely that will distract me. All I can really do is pray that God doesn't think my hard drive is too trivial to retrieve! And surely there is a lesson to be learned in this. My mind is going back and forth between coping with the loss and realizing how foolish I've been. When I returned a few hours later, just on a whim, I turned my fragile laptop on "just in case." To my surprise and joy, it booted up! Kuyler insisted I leave it alone while he went to buy an external hard drive (what a great idea!). I don't know how or why, but before midnight everything on my computer was safely backed up (you are my hero, son!). And I have learned a valuable lesson: if it's worth the space, it's worth backing up. My photos are now saved in three places: my computer, my external drive and on, ready to be printed! This reminds me of the way we often are with God, waiting until we crash to allow Him to back us up. Unlike our electronics (and their operators), He is always present and always faithful. Point taken, Lord!


Naomi said...

Hi Connie,
I just wanted you to know that we have received our referral!!! We are so excited!!!! God has been so good to us!!! There are details on our blog if you want to check it out!!
Blessings from Naomi (in England!!)

Howard and Kim said...

Loved the post. Sorry about the hard drive, and would you believe I spent the 2 entire afternoons this week copying photos to cds to have them somewhere other than on the computer? Crazy. That's a reminder, I need to work a little more on copying some pretty important photos.

I'm so glad you got everything saved!!

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