Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guigang Gals Reunited!

We started with a meal (gotta work food into the plan!) That's one long table!
Kambry and Bubby Kolton
Kaeleb copying Daddy. The bumps on his cheek are 8 mosquito bites - good grief!
There they are, Kayden and Jia
Monkey Kayden
Guigang Gals
Kolton and Kaeleb

Jia and her sister Kitty (KeKe)
That's one beautiful bunch of kids!Way to be a sport, Mr. Rowland!

Finally, after nearly four years, we were able to reunite with our travel friends. It was so awesome to see their family of six again! It was a short visit as they were passing through on their way back home, but we packed as much conversation in as chaos would allow. Kaeleb and Kambry proved fearless near the water, causing Daddy to jump in with his boots (way to be the hero, Dad!). Kayden and Jia chatted away, and the big kids enjoyed the swimming. It was difficult taking pictures around the pool, and I don't have many of Jia's brothers, Carson and William. Carson has sure grown up since we traveled! What a huge blessing this reunion was. We hope to do it again soon. Rowland, Kitty, Carson, Will, Little Kitty and Jia, we love you guys! And, Rowland, I need a copy of that Gotcha Video :)


Kitty said...

I couldn't love you all any more if you were my family - I guess our girls are family, those beautiful Guigang princesses! Tears stream down my face in awe of a God who gave us all 10 of these awesome babies. He is SO GOOD!!!

Howard and Kim said...

Thanks for sharing the reunion photos and stories! I loved it! I gotta know, though, did the boots survive?

Love you guys!

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